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          Who wrote it?
              Can it be changed? Is it important today?
                  What does impeach mean?
                      Does the Constitution provide welfare
                                          for poor people?
                          Who was the single most influential person in
                                          the shaping of America?

Find the answers to these questions and more when you join Tweety-Pie in the Junior Tutor Classroom as she follows the fingerprints of God and explores the true history surrounding the writing of the United States Constitution. You will be challenged in knowledge, faith, duty, and patriotism. With a clear and simple overview of all seven Articles, you will understand the key concepts intended by our founders and be encouraged to become The Constitution Defender for this generation!



Event Timeline
Biographical Sketches
Spiritual Heritage     

The Entire U.S. Constitution




Overview of all Seven Articles of the Constitution


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About the Authors

Steve Lilly

Growing up in an Christian educator’s home meant taking learning-centered vacations that, to many, would be labeled “boring,” but, to Steve, proved to be inspiring. Memories are filled with taking afternoon drives, a weekend jaunt or a vacation to battlefields, museums, monuments, and other historic venues. This early appreciation for times past led Steve to pursue a History Major at Christian College. Today, his knack of remembering unique tales of history enrich his teaching opportunities, whether in a classroom or church setting, and his simple lessons given to his growing daughters. What joy to be able to repeat those history “vacations” now with his own family.  Truly HIStory has come alive for Steve from boyhood to adult.

Rebekah Lilly
“Carschooling” for many of her grade school years added depth to learning not experienced by most. Geography, people, and stories all brought a greater appreciation for those who have gone before to build the land we love today. With a desire to create a love for learning just as she had been given, Rebekah completed an Education degree at Christian College. A Master’s in History stretched her first-hand knowledge to include more details and deeper philosophical background, while her current pursuit of a doctorate enhances and further secures a strong foundation in Christian Education. Yet, by far, the most challenging has and will continue to be for some time, the homeschooling of her own children. As a Daughter of the American Revolution (DAR) member, Rebekah loves to research American history, and with an almost giddy intensity, she insists upon sharing her findings with the family. Americana, learning and an appreciation for all that God has given are contagious in the Lilly house.

AbiNoelle Lilly (a.k.a. “Tweety-Pie”)
Talking since she was born, a learning-lover, an avid Bible Memory student and all-around reader, AbiNoelle soaks up all that her Mommy and Daddy can teach. Following in her parents’ footsteps, she loves to travel, visit unique places, make new friends, and teach her little sister, AmiJoy, all she knows. Her PopPop (Dr. Ronnie Williamson, Evangelist for The Voice in the Wilderness) dubbed her “Tweety-Pie”, and now folks from all over follow her adventures on the Tweety-Pie Vimeo Channel, are challenged to memorize God’s Word with her, and are fascinated to learn the Truths of History in her Junior Tutor Classroom.

AmiJoy Lilly - Special Contributor through cooperation! Her “Joy” and energy is contagious.


Special Thanks
Much time, proofing, research, critique and review have been given by many, including Mr. Jeffrey A. Cobble (Attorney at Law), Dr. and Mrs. John Reese (Pensacola Christian College History and Education Faculty), The Eric Johns Family (Our dear friends and homeschoolers), and Miss Scarlet Jernigan (Ph.D. Candidate and friend). To them, we say a special “Thank You.” Additional thanks to our former student, Laurel Owenby, for using her talents to create the cover artwork and “Tweety-Pie” illustrations. We would also like to acknowledge the inspiration found through the ministry of Dr. Chuck Harding, Pastor T. Michael Creed, Dr. Ronnie Williamson and The Voice in the Wilderness, and a book greatly utilized and recommended, The Constitution Made Easy by Michael Holler. And, to all those revisionist, children’s history books, “thanks” for giving us the burning desire to send out the TRUTH.


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