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Sharing the Meaning of Christmas


For this small town country fellow, it has been a facination for over 20 years as I've traveled the world.  From Canada to South America and the United States to Asia, the cultures and languages continue to be a marvel to the wide-eyed little boy still inside me.  Then, what a joy it has been to preach in churches and meet some of the most precious people - God’s people.  People who have nothing of this world’s goods but are joint heirs with Christ, daily singing His praises as a child of the KING!

Many missionaries and church planters have chosen not to observe the world’s way of celebrating Christmas.  They hold a conviction about such.  We do not believe in Mass nor is there scriptural admonition concerning a Christmas observance.  By the way, not only is “Christmas” a commercial, materialistic holiday,  much of the whole affair is steeped in paganism.  There is much written both secular and sacred on the subject.  That being said my point here is this.  The glorious, gospel message of Jesus Christ - THE CRADLE, CROSS, and CROWN - has traveled around the world.  I have seen up close and personal the power of His Holy Spirit and transformed lives in the deepest jungle, remote villages, small towns and teeming cities of millions.

Opportunities abound for us to tell the good news of his birth, life, death, burial, resurrection and soon return.  The fields are white, but the labourers are few.  Will you help The Voice in the Wilderness continue the blessed privilege of preaching Christ around the world?  Until Jesus comes may we all be found faithful.  Thank you for your partnership with The Voice in the Wilderness.


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