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(Introduction taken from "My Personal Message", March 2015 Virtual Edition

   Picture over 200 fundamental King James Bible Preachers door knocking on Capitol Hill. Yes, on March 23, 24, and 25, 2015, Pastors, their wife and many other believers went door to door distributing tracts, New Testaments and a copy of the book The Sacrifice that Defines America to members of Congress from all 50 states. Over and over again we heard statements like “tell your people we desperately need prayer” “the answer for Washington D.C. and America is “Divine Intervention,” and “we cannot stand higher on Capitol Hill than you stand in the pulpit and pew.”
   Believe me, there was no small stir in the Congressional offices. There were enough of us to fill every seat on the House floor. My wife and I plus one other Pastor and his wife met and prayed with a Congressman – actually he prayed for us! It was obvious and spoken from his heart, that the visit and prayers were desperately needed. Again and again, Christian representatives in elected office expressed a need for prayer and Divine intervention into the affairs of Washington D.C. These are perilous times and America must have healing from heaven to save an all-out, Satanic attack on this nation. God help us to VOTE, VOICE our Biblical convictions and with VICTORIOUS VISION stand in intercession for those faithfully leading the fight on Capitol Hill.   

   My wife and I had the opportunity to take part in Capitol Connection March 23-24, 2015. After hearing some shocking statements repeated over a 3 day period by several different Congressman my concerns for this country were confirmed. The issues of Israel, Islam, and Iran came up over and over again with the bad policies of the Obama obviously weighing heavy on the hearts of some patriotic elected public servants. There was a desperate call for God’s people to pray for Divine intervention. It is a bold and tragic admission for a politician to admit it's "Washington, D.C. against the American people." Has the United States government degenerated to that extent. One Congressman told our group of Pastors that if something wasn't done very soon our children will be facing nuclear terrorism. Analyze it as you will, but there are those in high places exposing Americans to horrific threats. With abortion, same sex marriage and an intrusive government plaguing the health of America’s future, those who embrace the foundational truths that made this nation strong are desperate to see a soul saving miracle in this country. Wicked men and the forces of hell are aggressively attacking all that godly men and women have held dear throughout our history. Someone said "politics" means "poly" - many and "tics" - blood-suckling creatures. Thus politicians are
blood-suckling creatures leaching the life out of U.S. There are a few good and godly folk left in D.C. trying to make a difference and praying for a miracle.

   As the manager of the Capitol construction stated, “...protecting it for future generations is the heart and soul of this project.”

   Restoration - Preservation is needed!