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Of all the WORLD'S Religions, none bases its claims on the resurrection of its founder. Salvation through Jesus Christ is not religion but Relationship. This personal relationship with Jesus Christ hinges on the irrefutable proofs of HIS RESURRECTION conquering death, hell and the grave for all who will by faith receive HIS GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE.

The written Record.   
The genealogical record.
The geographical location.
The empty tomb.
The political leaders and historical proof.
Neither Rome nor the Jews could produce a corpse.
The cowardly apostles became willing to die for Jesus after His Resurrection.
The eyewitnesses numbering over 500 who saw Jesus after the Resurrection.
The very existence of the Christian faith.
The calendar (B.C.) "Before Christ" (A.D.) Anno Domini "in the year of our Lord."
The fulfilled prophecy of scripture.
The churches around the world preaching the risen Christ.
The Hymnbook and innumerable songs written about Him.
The changed dynamic life of believers around the world.
The continued, attempt to this day by religion, governments, and disbelievers to deny and discredit Christ's resurrection.

They put the risen Christ to the test of touch - "Handle Me and see, a spirit hath not flesh and bones as you see Me have."
They put Him to the test of sight -"When He had thus spoken, He showed them His hands and His feet."
They put Him to the test of taste, for they gave Him a piece of broiled fish, and He ate it before them.
They put Him to the test of hearing, for it was when He called Mary's name that she recognized Him.
They put Him to the test of former fellowship, for it was when He "broke bread" at Emmaus that the two knew Him.

"He was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve: after that He was seen of above 500 brethren at once; He was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time."


Hallelujah for a Risen Saviour!