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Surely preachers and Christians will be honest. Who exactly moved?
I know pastors that only a few years ago preached out, loud and clear, about worldly trends, fashions and compromise that they now silently overlook or even embrace. Who moved? Some had stood faithfully warning against Denominational drift and the dangers of contemporary/charismatic influences. Now, however, they sit on the committees, give to the co-operatives and preach the conventions. Who moved? I remember when the missionary prayer cards pictured beautiful families, dressed in Sunday-go-to-meetin’ clothes, attired appropriately representing their Lord and Church. Now the fellows look like they are headed to the ball field and the ladies wear the pants for that bunch. Bible College photos and missionary reports, even if standards differed, would never have paraded such worldly dress and amusement publicly in publications and literature. Sadly, it’s no longer “in your face” its “in step with the world!” Pastor, will you just examine your own ministry?

Is the music in your church services the kind of music that would have been acceptable 30 years ago or approved by your pastor?
The dress in your congregation and at church functions—was it appropriate 10, 20 or 30 years ago?
Are ministries, associations and organizations now on your approved list in the same category as those 25 or 30 years ago?
Does church polity, standards and leadership measure up to that of great churches and leaders you have admired?
Does your Bible have errors or would have been better translated by a textual critic of a liberal stripe?

Please dear pastor, for Jesus sake, you do not need to “MOVE.” It has been my privilege over the past 20 years to travel across this country and around the world in ministry and worship with some of God’s choicest servants. Pastors and churches need not bow to contemporary, user friendly, worldly trends to get a crowd. I’ve seen souls saved and churches packed when the Word of God was preached straight, dress and music godly, reverent, Biblical (KJB) and traditional (fundamental) church services anointed by The Holy Spirit. You need not move. Some think they are still standing, yet they prefer The King James, the music gets “just a little beatty and loud,” holiness and separation is God’s job, and “We support that group because, well, we always have. What’s wrong with them anyway? You’re just unloving and critical.”
No, a tie in the pulpit and dresses on the ladies do not make a spiritual church. Nor does taking a bath on Saturday night make you clean before the Lord on Sunday morning—but others may appreciate the bath.
Again, please dear pastor, who moved?