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“No right, no wrong, no rules for me. I’m free. Let it go, let it go. I am one with the wind and sky. Let it go, let it go. You’ll never see me cry. Here I’ll stand, and here I’ll stay. Let the storm rage on.”

And so on goes Disney’s FROZEN. Is this a theme song for your family or church worship team? Disney has been a heavy promoter of sodomy and perversion. For almost a quarter century, Disney World theme parks have hosted “Gay Day”!  A multitude of Disney productions are extremely anti-family values. The corporate culture includes an organization called Walt Disney World PRIDE, and “officially recognizes GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender/transsexual) employee groups and/or special networks designed especially for GLBT employees,” according to

More and more “church folk” even “pastors” Let it go on Facebook as they follow the Disney parade of entertainment. Just remember, you are posting for the world, India’s villages, Africa’s bush, Philippines, Venezuelan, and Mexican towns. All those missionaries, preachers, brothers and sisters living under stark conditions and persecution read about their American counter parts out on the town. Go ahead, Let it go, Disney will appreciate you. After all, you are free. There is liberty not legalism. There are no rules—no right, no wrong. That is what the song says.

Isn’t it interesting that some will go by the rules at the amusement park, go by the banking rules to buy that new car and to operate it on the highway, and even follow the rules at work to get that paycheck. But the minute the preacher starts in with that rule business; well, that’s legalistic.  “I’m free in Christ and no man is going to enslave me with a bunch of rules.”  It’s like that rebellious young boy that argued with his Dad and said, “I’m leaving!”  “Why,” Dad asked his son?”  “Because I’m sick and tired of your rules.”  “Where are you going?” Dad asked. The boy said, “I’m joining the Marines!”  DUH!

Those who sing “Let it go, No right, no wrong, no rules for me,” simply want validation for their carnal, sinful lifestyle!

With the dumbed-down progressive public educational system has come a redefining of words. History is re-written, the U.S. Constitution has been legislated into oblivion, the Bible has been revised and interpreted to accommodate the modernists. Absolutes and rules of law are out and everyone does that which is right in his own eyes. “Let it go. No right, no wrong, I’m free, no rules for me!” Oh, by the way, one definition of a fool is “the victim of a trick; duped.” DUH. Think about it!