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Mark 1:3 "The Voice of one crying in the Wilderness. . . ."

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Thank you to everyone who prays for and supports The Voice in the Wilderness. Opportunities and much fruit have been detailed to you through The Voice in the Wilderness printed and digital editions, weekly emails, and other sources. These ministry efforts require your support. Will you consider a gift?


URGENT NEED: IN PROGESS (JAN 2024) Production of the Cherokee/English and Navajo English Gospel of John booklet. Will you help reach over 200,000 Native Americans in the United States?


URGENT NEED: Many of our resource materials are out-of-print. Printing prices are on the increase and paper supply is limited. Will you partner in printing to reach more? See our resources here


URGENT NEED: Scriptures to the Jungles, Venezuela and the Phillipines. Over 725,000 Scriptures have been shipped to. Over 4,000 pounds of Scriptures/Aid boxes have been sent. More is needed. Your gift is vital!


URGENT NEED: Sponsor a "Constitution Defender!" The Constitution Defender, the children's book on the U.S. Constitution, will be shared with as many. With $5, YOU can sponsor the printing and distribution of The Constitution Defender to one elementary student and be a part of raising up the next generation of Christian American Patriots. (See more here)


URGENT NEED: Be a part of distributing the gospel message around the world. Translation, printing and distribution of printed resources is in progress. English, Spanish, and Hindi, and Cherokee resources are being made available to pastors for teaching, training, and witness. Your gift enables this ministry to continue.


For your Convenience, online giving is available.

Please Note: Due to fees assessed by paypal and credit card companies, approximately 3% of your online gift will go, not to The Voice in the Wilderness ministry, but to paying the fees for processing your gift. To insure that your TOTAL gift be used for the ministry, you shoud give via check or money order. However, for your convenience, online giving is available.

Because of the fee structure, we ask that no online gift be under $5.00.

To give a gift under $5.00, submit by mail to:

PO BOX 7037, ASHEVILLE, NC  28802.




Contributions to The Voice in the Wilderness to assist in ministry efforts, projects, or support the ministry of a missionary will be used as indicated by the donor following approved policies and procedures. 

All gifts to The Voice in the Wilderness, Inc. are tax-deductible.

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