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To not do so is a sin-yes? Regularly, I mail “Thank You” cards and letters to friends, Pastors and Churches for their kindness to our family and ministry. This is a neglected and lost art. I can name just recently wedding and baby gifts we have given and not a word from the recipients.Why? What has happened?

In everything give thanks and practice writing a card to say so. By the way, people often sacrifice greatly to bestow a gift and blessing upon us. Don’t take it for granted.

Thanksgiving is at the very foundation of the United States of America. Our government ruined and run schools have suppressed the spiritual heritage of this nation and the heart of thanksgiving those early pioneers and pilgrims had for our Lord’s blessings. The revisionist has put his pen to lies. Sadly, children are deceived and many never know the true history and Heritage of the USA.

The apostle Paul made it clear that those wicked without excuse were not thankful.

It is dangerous and destructive not to be thankful. In everything and every day be thankful!


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