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Coca-Cola has announced the suspension of production in Venezuela due to the nation’s sugar shortage. All across the country the people are facing a shortage of needed household goods. Basic food items like flour, vegetable oil, milk, laundry detergent, and toiletries are unavailable. Riots have occurred across the country by frustrated citizens forced to wait, up to 8 eight hours, in ration lines. Opposition legislators in the Venezuelan National Assembly have declared a nutritional emergency. There is a move by the anti-socialists opposition for a recall of President Maduro in the polls this year. Reports indicate Venezuelans are eager to change their government. (Ed.) Obviously, the political and economic chaos deeply affects our brothers and sisters in Venezuela. Pray for them as they struggle daily with basic needs.

Reconquista--Still in the minds of many Mexicans is the idea of Reconquista. Some believe that Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and part of Colorado are Mexican Territory stolen by the U.S.A.  Reconquista teaches that Mexico is poor and the United States is rich because the U.S.A. stole the oil of Texas and the gold of California. Many of the people involved teach that it is morally ok to steal from Gringos because you’re only taking back what is yours anyway. I know, states Dr. Phil Stringer, Independent Baptist Hispanic preachers who preach this. (I know more that do not.). These demonstrators are obsessed with Donald Trump, and will do anything to oppose him. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has promised the border will be even more open, if she is president. Via: Dr. Phil Stringer