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Are we FALLING APART? More than 1 in 5 Americans now take at least one drug to treat a psychological disorder, ranging from anti-depressants like Prozac to anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax.

Christians seemingly are not immune to this troubling statistic. Believe me—this is serious—in many cases it is as real, painful, debilitating as cancer, heart disease or diabetes. Churches are reaching out to those with drug addictions and all kind of destructive behaviors. All around us lives are FALLING APART.

There are also those FALLING AWAY. Ungodly men have crept in unawares. Of course, we know these are perilous times. People will deny the faith, turning their minds and hearts and belief away from the truth.

The faith of presidential candidates does seem to be important to American voters. Ted Cruz is apparently a Southern Baptist that professes a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. By and large Southern Baptists have moved away from the King James Bible and no longer preach separation from the worldly in many areas like dress and music. I do not know where Ted Cruz stands on these issues. It does seem the father of Ted Cruz has connection to Benny Hinn. Marco Rubio has gone from Catholic to Mormon to Catholic to half-time Christ Fellowship in Miami. Jeb Bush is Catholic. Donald Trump—his guess is as good as yours. This is an ecumenical hodge-podge of everything goes end-time, get ready for the antichirst –ready or not Jesus is coming soon, amen!

FALLING APART, FALLING AWAY, but let me remind you that Bible prophecy is FALLING INTO PLACE.

It is incumbent on God’s people to “understand the times.”  Look at Israel, the Middle East, and Islam...then, we see “good” being called “evil” and “evil” called “good.”  Everyone is dong that which is right in their own eyes. Strange delusions abound, the decline and yes, the demise of America are unfolding before this very generation. “Gog” is on the move, persecution is increasing, you are being spied on, and keep watching Rome and the acceptance of global religion. What about that Jesuit Pope? Did you see him and the “Orthodox Patriarch” hugging in Cuba after 1000 years? Keep a watch on the Temple Mount. Now, even evangelicals are falling for Satan’s agenda as “Baptist” churches ordain sodomites.

America is FALLING APART and far too many in churches are FALLING AWAY. But keep looking to Jesus. HE told us these things would come to pass. God’s prophecy is FALLING IN PLACE. Our Lord said, “Surely I come quickly, Amen Even so, come, Lord Jesus?”