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Campaign Money - Some are projecting that candidates may spend as much as $5 billion on this presidential election. Can any of these people understand the average working American? Obama’s new budget has trillions of dollars in new taxes. One thing is for sure. I do not understand how Washington, D.C. continues to get away with the obscene waste of money.

Jesuits and Politics - Pope Francis the Jesuit is the first Jesuit to lead the Roman Catholic Church. Did you know Fidel Castro studied under the Jesuits for 12 years? Yes, all that free thinking, liberation, and intellectualism allowed Castro to kick the Jesuits out in 1961. So Pope Francis with his Jesuit agenda, Marxism, environmentalism, global one-world unity of faiths is on his campaign trail. Do you know who Barry Soetoro is?
Confusion - Europe is ripe for the Antichrist. Evangelicals are accepting the sodomite lies and agendas. More pastors and churches are saying Islam and Christianity are worshipping the same God. America is certainly marked by confusion.

Think about this! -
7,000 churches close each year
97% of Pastors have been betrayed or hurt by a trusted friend
70 % of Pastors battle depression

Amidst all the perversion perpetrated on Christians in America just remember we have brothers and sisters around the world daily experiencing persecution. North Korea has sentenced a Pastor to life in prison with hard labor. After a 90 minute trial he was charged with dissemination of propaganda that harmed North Korea. State prosecutors sought the death penalty. Oppressive governments are bringing great harm to countless individuals of faith.