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I had just stepped off the train and started down a side street in Paris, France when a long-haired, bearded young man approached me and said in perfect English, "Where are you going?" I explained that I had just arrived there from Portugal and was planning to get a room in a nearby hotel for the night then go on to Holland on the morning train. He asked where I was from, etc. and in the meantime I noticed a magazine in his hand entitled "The Process." I asked him about the paper, his business, and why he was asking me all the questions. He told me that he was selling the magazine and using the funds to help young people with problems. I am sure my facial expression at that point must have shook him up a little for I thought to myself, "You look like a poor example to be trying to help anyone with problems. Seems to me you have one of your own." However, I managed to keep my thoughts to myself once and I said, "Well, I am trying to help folks with problems too." I noticed that he kept glancing back down the street and when I looked in that direction, I saw another fellow about the same age and with the same appearance standing there as though he was keeping tab on things. I immediately realized that they were working together and that there was something fishy about the whole thing. So I said to him, "Look, if you are trying to help people, are you doing it from a social, spiritual or what standpoint? What religious group, if any, are you affiliated with?" He told me that he belonged to the group who published the "Process" magazine and that this was a religion within itself. Seeing a chance to talk to him about salvation (which I perceived by this time he was without) I invited him to have a cup of tea in a nearby cafe and allow me to tell him my way of seeking to help people with problems. At that point, the other young man came up and said to the one talking to me "We have to be going." It was evident that they did not intend to get into a religious conversation so I asked them to give me a copy of their magazine and let me read about their work. They seemed to be glad to do this, and then went their way.

Once in my room, I began to read the loudly colored, cleverly designed magazine. I immediately found that it was published by devil worshipers and the contents were of a nature that I could not describe here. The address of the Process headquarters was given in London, England so I determined that once there, I would visit the place and witness to them about the truth concerning Satan. A few weeks later I landed in London and took a taxi to the address given. It turned out to be a dwelling house in a swanky London suburb. I knocked at the door, all set to witness, I thought. The door opened slowly and before me stood a man that drove a chill to my very bones and plunged fear into my heart. He was a young man, possibly 25. He had long flowing hair, a full beard and was wearing a black shirt, black pants, shoes and socks. On the front of his shirt was embroidered the "Goat of Mendes" one of the symbols of satanism. His eyes were extremely piercing and I realized that I was in the presence of the powers of darkness. My first thought was to pretend I had the wrong address and leave. After all, no one had seen me go there, the taxi driver had left, they could kill and dispose of my body and no one would ever know what happened. However, I plead the Blood and responded to his invitation to come inside.

He led me into a large room.. There was a huge desk. He gave me a chair on one side and he sat down on the other and asked my business. The whole atmosphere was very strange. I had never experienced anything like it, not even in spiritualist seances. I told of meeting the two young men in Paris and how I had read the magazine and wanted to know more of their beliefs. However, all that I had planned to say by way of testimony suddenly went from me. I could not find a word to say along that line. Whether it was from stark fear or perhaps the Holy Spirit preventing me from speaking in order to protect my life, or to keep me from "casting my pearls before swine," I do not know.

I told him that I wanted to know what the Satanists believed. He explained how that Lucifer had been cast down by God because of rebellion. However, he told me, God had repented of His severe judgment against Lucifer and had restored the fallen angel back to his place of prominence in heaven. He told me that now Lucifer is the, and I quote, "God of Permissiveness." I asked just what he meant by that term and he said, "It is Lucifer's will that we do whatever we want to do. We are not to suppress our natural desires. We are to serve the flesh and pleasure to our fullest contentment, and by so doing, we serve Lucifer." He went on to tell me that since Lucifer has been restored, there is no hell or devil except as we make such for ourselves by self-condemnation. He explained that many people would do that which they had been taught was wrong and then feel badly about it, and, that as they, did this, they created their own hell and devil. He said that one day Lucifer was going to come back to earth and catch away his followers and destroy the "Grey forces" (preachers) and their followers. I asked about the way they received their finances and he told me that Satanists lived in a commune-like environment. He pointed out some other long haired men, about the place, all dressed in solid black. There were two or three hippie type women and even two children. He told me that these people had sold their possessions, and contributed to the work, and that others were out working and would bring their salaries and apply them to the expenses of getting their teachings out. He told me that they had established a headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, and others in various parts of the world. He' claimed little, if any, association with the Satanist group in California, Louisville, Kentucky, and other parts of the United States, however, though all have the same beliefs and same type of devil worship. One of their prayers to begin their services goes something like this, "0 Lucifer, thou son of the morning star, we worship you." After finding out what I could about their cult (and of course I am sure there is MUCH that he did not tell me), I excused myself and felt relieved to again be outside the walls of that house of Satan.

However, the whole thing gave me the creeps and disturbed me. Could it be possible that this thing was widespread? I knew witchcraft, ouija boards, palm-readers, etc. (all associated with the powers of darkness) were increasing by leaps and bounds, but did many people go so far as to actually worship the devil? Once I began to inquire into the matter, I was shocked and appalled at what I found. Before me now is a huge clipping taken from the Louisville, Kentucky Journal giving a tremendous write up about the Satanists of that city and, their worship and brags of increased membership. Then I have before me also a 23 page pamphlet that goes into great detail about Satan worship in the United States and how it is becoming the religion of hippie groups, and others whose minds are sick. It connects this evil worship with the murder of Sharon Tate, and points out that her husband had, just produced a film "Rosemary's Baby" in which a woman conceived by the devil and brought forth a child. The film skit was written by the pastor of a Satanist group on the West Coast. This is all so startling and alarming, it hardly seems possible that it can be true. It is more like a horrid nightmare.

(Personal Testimony printed by Dr. J. Royce Thomason (Founder of The Voice in the Wilderness, April 1971)


Dr. Susan Berry wrote on Sept. 13, 2014:

...The Satanic Temple, which claims to have more than 10,000 online members, including teens and seniors, was in the news recently when it attempted to organize a “black mass” at Harvard University, and then for its desire to erect a statue of Baphomet, a bearded, goat-headed pagan deity, in Oklahoma City to counter an installation of the Ten Commandments at the state capitol....The Satanic Temple has been outspoken about its opposition to informed consent laws for women seeking abortions, and has offered to officiate at same-sex weddings in Michigan as it works toward overturning that state’s laws that define marriage as the union of one man and one woman...“There is a particular risk for young people who are in difficulties or who are emotionally fragile,” he (Professor Climati) added....Satanism “destroys those universal values that are written in the hearts of each human being,” he said. It creates “a society that is turned on its head, in which good becomes evil and evil becomes good.” Young people,,,become overcome “by the illusion of a life that appears to be free of all rules” and by a deceptive sense of freedom that leads them “to a state of dependency and slavery.”


Satan and his wicked and destructive philosphy seek out and destroy whether through a "religious" forum like Satanism or subtle devices that capture hearts like "Let it go" and Elsa from Disney's "Frozen" who taut the freedom of a "no rules" lifestyle. Even the perverted versions of the Bible have made a way for Lucifer to be equalized to the Lord Jesus. The NIV labels Lucifer in Isa. 14:16 as the "morning star," yet we know that Jesus Christ, Himself, is the Morning Star (Rev. 22:16, 2 Peter 1:19, Rev. 2:28)!

Eph. 6:11 "Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."

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