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Fox News, Kelly, & Trump - Did Fox News and Megyn Kelly answer the question? No they did not. Yet Fox, Kelly and the liberal media makes a national news event out of Donald Trump’s refusal to attend the Fox Presidential Debate with Megyn Kelly. Fox doesn’t do well answering the questions. After Fox chose to air commercial sponsors supporting Sodomite “marriage” I emailed Fox News on their email designated for questions asking why? I also asked the same question to Megyn Kelly’s designated email. No one from Fox has answered why they aired pro “same sex marriage” commercials when the products had nothing to do with Sodomites and their agendas. Obviously this pseudo conservative News network is showing its real colors. Even Megyn Kelly’s liberal bias comes out when she feels the power to do so. Oh, by the way all you liberal news makers, Ronald Reagan did a no show at a Presidential debate.

Promises Unfulfilled - Barack Hussein Obama has tallied up 160 promises he has not fulfilled. But of course, he has done far more than most ever imagined or had nightmares about. His Sodomite, baby killing, Israel hating, Iran loving, constitutionally destructive agenda is and will be devastating to this nation. Obama does not care when 1,300 black babies are murdered everyday in this country. Where are your tears Barack Hussein.

Gun Control Overreach
- Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine says the executive gun controls of Obama would not have prevented even one of the high profile shootings from the last decade. The overreach would simply succeed in placing a further burden on the exercise of the 2nd Amendment.