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Sadly, far too many conservative voters in America do not understand the tragedy of Obamcare and the economic crisis. One critical point is national defense. Obama is systematically weakening the U.S. military by plunging our nation into irrecoverable debt. With greater budget waste and more entitlement programs, the Obama administration has proposed the solution to the huge national debt as cutbacks in the Department of Defense. Like it or not, the U.S. has in many ways, become the global policeman. “According to the pentagon, the U.S. military maintains some 716 overseas bases and installations in approximately 150 nations. (That number might be closer to 1,000 installations when hundreds of secret bases—such as unmanned drone launch sites—are included.) The combined U.S. military budget of almost $700 billion exceeds the Defense spending of the next 10 nations. The U.S. Navy has 11 aircraft carriers…the largest warships in the world. Spain and Italy have two carriers each, while Britain, France, Russia, India, Brazil, and Thailand each have one. China purchased an aircraft carrier from Russia and is retrofitting it; however, it still has to acquire naval aircraft and its pilots need to be trained for carrier operations. A U.S. Navy aircraft carrier battle group normally consist of a single aircraft carrier surrounded by nuclear-powered submarines and numerous Aegis-class destroyers equipped with cruise missiles.” (One Nation, Under Attack, Grant Jeffrey). Obviously this says nothing of the massive number of troops and matériel. This is just one window of enlightenment as to the implications of bad economic policies and national debt. The U.S. simply can not sustain needed national defense budgeting with the current waste and debt.