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This page has articles that have been published in The Voice in the Wilderness.  These are some of the most requested articles that our subscribers have wanted to be republished.

Christian Living Holidays      
Four things (anchors) for today  Words from a Veteran- 3 Must-Haves for Veteran's Day      
 Bible Reading Plan  Father's Day      
 Bible Reading Plan 2  Eclipse      
 Bible Reading Plan for Young Ones  NewYear - Four Time Stealers      
   Easter - Delivered From Death      
Thanksgiving History
A New Year, A Clean Slate, and Opportunities for You
President's Day - The Making of George Washington
Alice and Humpty Dumpty
Public Education: A Case of the Heart

Public Education: A Case of the Heart


A letter to the President
A Subtle Trail of Confusion

The Virtual Voice May 2011

The Disintegration of Family and Church:A Biblical Perspective of Divorce

The Dangers of Social Networking

What About Cremation?

Some Churches I Have Known

A Look at the Book and the Blood

War on the Word
The Heart
Stinkin' Thinkin'


The Fundamental Top 500