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Mark 1:3 "The Voice of one crying in the Wilderness. . . ."

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Welcome to Club MIT!  The Aquila/Priscilla Ministry (APM) of The Voice in the Wilderness has been used worldwide to teach and train young people to be a missionary everyday.  From camps, Christian schools, and Children's Church Services to Vacation Bible School and public school student evangelism APM has shared the Gospel and trained young people and their teachers in daily service for our Saviour.  Through these experiences print and media resources are being produced.  Praise the Lord!


A Bible study book prepared by Club MIT with nine Mission Task Assignments which include a Bible lesson, mission prayer point, and four engaging activities to further prepare the young person to be a missionary everyday.


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Study and Learn of ten unreached people groups that have no gospel witness and need to hear of God's saving grace. This set is a perfect  companion to the Club MIT Devotional Book.


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As the Aquila/Priscilla Ministry Team travels and teaches, one favorite time by both adults and children is when Rebekah Lilly tells stories.  Come and join her for one of her favorite Missions Story Times as she tells of the life and ministry of Jungle Missionary Sophie Muller.  These video stories are part of The Voice in the Wilderness's 60 Second HeartBeat episodes.  So, enjoy each 60 second video until you have heard the complete story!

God is working in us, through us, and for us everyday.  The Joy Prayer Journal is designed to be used by young people to help them daily see God in their lives.  Using the simple acrostic
J - Jesus, O - Others, and Y - You, the young person is challenged to take time to reflect on the day’s events.

“J” - write what Jesus did for you
“O” - write what you did for others
“Y” - write how Jesus can help you

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The Birth of Jesus Hall of Faith Set is perfect in preparing for the Christmas season.  Young and old alike will enjoy this card set of twenty-two listing a memory verse from Luke 2, techinques for memorization, tidbits about the verse, and tips concerning the study of God’s Word.

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The Ten Commandment Card Set challenges the learner to not only memorize the ten commandments but to also understand the laws given by God.

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