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There is a lot simply done in the flesh we mortals go around praising God for, when one day soon, before His throne, GOD will say,  “I had nothing to do with that.”

There is a God denying, liberal elitism determined to subjugate, suppress, and snuff out Godly, Bible-believing, Jesus Christ loving Americans to clear the way for their disastrous agenda.

From parental absenteeism, pulpit dereliction to God denying public government-run education, liberal intellectual elitism has demonstrated its venomous hatred for Biblical Values and the American Heritage sacrificially established by The Founders and Constitution.

Please tell me how Christian parents can support and send their children to a system that denies God, the Bible, and prayer and do so with absolute intolerance of their brothers and sisters who choose home schooling and Christian education? The attitude of ridicule and disdain toward parents’ sacrificing for Christian education certainly is not that of a sweet, sweet, spirit.

Do local church leaders have the mind of Christ if their thinking is saturated with worldly education? Listen to the scripture: “In whom [Christ] are hid the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Obviously the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are “in Christ” not in a secular, godless education system.

Pastor, Jesus said here recorded in the King James Bible, “…That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.”  Jesus was quoting to the devil from Deut. 8:3. Contrast Luke 4:4 in the KJB, NAS, and NIV. Why did the NAS and NIV take away, “but by every word of God”?  Remember the judgment pronounced in Rev. 22:19. By the way, that judgment is even recorded in the NAS and NIV. Duh!

With a child’s belief system set for life between the ages of four and sixteen years, how can any Biblically thinking parent place their precious child in 12 to 14 plus years of worldly indoctrination by government-run schools? God help us – no wonder church folk think the way they do.

O’ dear parent and pastor – I can easily calculate for a public school child during 12 years of education spending as much as 43,000 hours in school, before computer-type technology and watching TV. What kind of thinking, character, behavior and attitude does that produce? On the flip side, how much Bible reading and church time has that same public school child, from a Christian family, engaged in?

“My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge:”