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After  63 years of printing The Voice in the Wilderness readers continue to send notes of appreciation for this ministry.

There are few today that continue to take the Biblical stand that has glorified God, saved souls, built churches, and blessed a people with such a precious heritage. Many such publications are full of advertisements and charge a regular subscription fee. The Voice in the Wilderness is a free subscription. Yet, thousands across America and around the world look forward to a visit from this fundamental Voice. But in this day of Internet, email, blogs and high tech, why continue to write, print and mail The Voice in the Wilderness?
    Obviously, in the world of printing, similar thought has been critically examined from a money and marketing standpoint. Books, magazines, newspapers, and newsletters continue to fly off the presses around the world. I am persuaded there is even a greater urgency and need to print The Voice in the Wilderness. In lieu of the modern world, here is why we continue to print The Voice in the Wilderness:

•    It is proven – There is nothing like your own copy, in-your-hand, before-your-eyes, marked and highlighted.
•    It is rare – We know this, and readers also tell us so. Rarity exists in the fundamental, KJB stand. Specifics are not avoided in a politically correct, ear-ticklin’ age.
•    It can be read at leisure – You can take it with you anywhere. The Voice in the Wilderness is a handy-dandy, ready-to-go friend.
•    It is personable and shareable - You can have your own private copy and even pass it along to another reader.
•    A gregarious partnership and heritage.
•    It cannot be erased – oops! You have a copy; thousands have copies, and The Voice office keeps file copies. No computer crash can destroy this written paper.
•    It brings a joyous anticipation. What a blessing to go to the mailbox, read and reread The Voice in the Wilderness.
•    It is more than a publication – The Voice in the Wilderness is a printed missionary, an evangelist, a missionary support base, APM, CrossVue and much, much, more.
It is advertisement and sponsorship free - You can trust The Voice in the Wilderness to be filled margin-to-margin with undiluted, truthful content.
•    The Voice in the Wilderness levels the playing field – Rich, poor, young, old, overseas, ministerial and laymen have the same access to this publication. Anyone willing to invest time to read can utilize The Voice in the Wilderness.
In this Centennial year of the life and influence of Dr. J. Royce Thomason, we believe more than ever in the need for the printed copy of The Voice in the Wilderness. Very few Christian publications and very few preachers are addressing in specifics the issues facing young people, marriages and churches today. Even in this edition, you will read articles and sermons on subjects that the majority of Pastors never preach or teach. For example, grown children of Pastors have shared with our ministry that they never heard definitive preaching on divorce and re-marriage. Thus the urgent and continued need for this printed "Voice."

Why you'll APPRECIATE this

From it's inception, The Voice in the Wilderness printing bill has been paid by the offerings of readers, unlike other similar publications who fund printing and grow the bottom line through selling high priced advertisement space or weakening content to accommodate sponsor desires. Many times "money"pressure may cause the printed word to be diluted or completely omitted which diminishes the publication's effectiveness. NOT THIS VOICE!