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(Editorial written by Dr. J. Royce Thomason for the February 1997 edition of The Voice in the Wilderness)

When Gary Aldrich, an FBI agent assigned to the White House, became so disgusted by what he saw going on there that he felt somebody had to write a book and let the people know, he did so. After the material was ready to go to press, the  White House some way managed to get a copy and immediately started a campaign to discredit what Aldrich, had written and to discourage the media from airing it and promoting the book, "Unlimited Access." However, for several months the book was among the list of best sellers. Liberals called it irresponsible, full of untruths, etc., but FBI agent Mr. Aldrich offered to go before Congress and present indisputable proof as to the veracity of what he exposed. Evidently none dare to challenge him.

As Christmas has just passed, you might be interested in knowing what Hillary had on her Christmas tree in 1993 (her first one as co-president) and again in 1994.

Aldrich was one of 40 people chosen to decorate the First Lady's tree in the Blue Room while Barbara Bush was there, so he got the job again in '93. However, he had become so fedup with what he had been seeing in the White House, he refused to participate with decorations.

Just before the decorating was to begin, Aldrich ran into some of his old team of '92 who told him, "You wouldn't believe what they're calling Christmas decorations this year. It's unbelievable; in fact, it's disgraceful. There's one ornament, a clear, Lucite block with some used computer parts inside it, that's a Christmas ornament, see? Then there's all this carved wood not resembling much of anything, just sticks and twigs tied together. They look like fertility gods or something, we can't tell. There's pots and carvings, some of them look obscene, nowhere can we find anything that resembles Christmas—nowhere."

Then agent Aldrich went to look at the national Christmas tree. Gone were most of the ornaments that traditionally symbolized the holidays. Worst of all, the star from the top of the tree, symbolizing the night Christ was born, was gone. In its place was a large stainless-steel ball pierced with colored shafts. Aldrich was shocked and said, "I can't wait to see what the Clintons and their friends will do next year."

Then came 1994 and Gary Aldrich was again asked to assist with decorating Hillary's tree. A truckload of ornaments had arrived which Hillary had ordered. She had asked a few "blue ribbon" modern art schools (approved by the Secretary of Education) to ask the "budding artists" to send in articles that were their interpretation of "The 12 Days of Christmas" and most of the boxes contained what they had come up with. Aldrich described it as "childish garbage, a bad joke" but Hillary had ordered it to be hung on the tree so what could they do but follow orders.

One decoration was a mobile of "12 lords a-leaping." It consisted of tiny clay male figures, naked and sexually aroused, so disgusting that one of the decorators threw it on the floor and crushed it, hoping Hillary would not find out. Other ornaments were crack pipes (for smoking marijuana) hung on a string, the decorators put them back in the box, they couldn't figure out what these things had to do with Christmas.

Other ornaments were constructed out of various drug paraphernalia like heroin spoons, syringes, roach clips designed to hold marijuana joints. Some of the bird figurines had on dark glasses and were blowing saxophones. On and on the list goes. Aldrich describes it as, "Many of the ornaments didn't celebrate Christmas as much as they did sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll." He further states, "I couldn't believe the disrespect that these ornaments represented. Many of these so-called artists must have had nothing but disgust, hatred, and disrespect for the White House and the citizens of this country—a disgust obviously encouraged by the First Lady in the name of artistic freedom. When we were all through, the First Lady's tree had all the beauty and majesty of a land fill."

Aldrich couldn't take it any longer and retired from the FBI and probably there was nobody to report what happened this year. I am told there was at least one improvement—the star had been placed back at the top of the national tree. One wonders how many angry protest letters had-to arrive in order to get that change made.


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