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Here is your updated No Fly Zone or more precisely put, your “Do Not Preach list” for 2013. Remember pastors and evangelists, we live in a more sophisticated, mature, modern, politically correct culture. After all, this is not the dark ages. That puritanical witch burning era is past, and thank the Lord for it. So if you are going to preach with love and unity, here’s your “Do Not Preach List”

Keepers at Home
Divorce and Remarriage
Facebook and Social Networking
Texting, Sexting, and High Tech Sin
Contemporary Music
Dress and Fashions
Entertainment, TV, Movies, Etc.
Sports and Me
Little Girls and Soccer Moms
Pants on Women
Women, Keep Silent in the Church
Short hair on Women
Long Hair on Men
Beaches and Bathing Suits
Dating and Courtship
Sippin’ Saints
Praying knees and Dancing Legs
Marriage and Manhood
Pastor, Is Your House in Order?
The KJB and Modern Bible Versions
Public Education and Government-Run Schools
Cremation and Pagan Roots.