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The riskiest driving maneuver says Joseph Younger of the American Automobile Association statistically speaking is a LEFT TURN. “So risky that UPS, the world’s largest package delivery company, teaches its drivers not to make them. Basically, our long-standing policy has always been to train our drivers to plan routes in loops so they always make only right turns” says Ronna Branch of UPS. Left turns account for nearly half of all intersection collisions. Right turns result in a mere 4%.

“Consider at a typical two-way intersection, you worry about traffic coming from left, right, and directly at you – plus pedestrians and vehicles behind you. Many left-turn drivers hesitate and linger behind the stop line, waiting for a gap in oncoming traffic. They fear getting caught by a red light or blocking the intersection box. Left turns are trickiest without traffic lights. It can be difficult to judge the speed of oncoming vehicles.
The safest left turn is the one you don’t make says Steve Philips of AAA.”

Too many churches have made a dangerous left turn in the road. Music has turned left. Standards, worship and associations have gone left in the road. Then so many have made a left turn on modern Bible versions. Steve Philips of AAA said, “The safest left turn is the one you don’t make.” As a matter of fact Joshua 1:7 says, “…Turn not from it to the right hand or to the left…” Why are we mortals determined to turn left or even go extreme to the right? Stay with God’s Word and you will prosper.