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“From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him. Then said Jesus unto the twelve, will ye also go away? Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life” John 6: 66,67,68.
Did you note the only (6:66) verse in the New Testament? Even today there are 6:66 disciples among us. When they leave, where do they go? This is not 100% nor will a number be affixed, however, many leave good Bible preaching separated churches and in the experience of this preacher, have gone to a liberal, at minimum, churches where the standard is not as high nor the preaching as specific. Where did they go? They went where they could hear, feel, and participate their way, not necessarily the Bible Way! Were they 6:66 disciples and not true believers? I don’t know. This I do know. They left because they would not tolerate nor change their way. Sometimes it may have been dress standards or requirements for church office. Or perhaps it was a desire for more contemporary worship and music. What about the deacon, whose daughter wanted the pastor to perform her remarriage after sadly, a break-up of the first or even second. Even now there’s the Bible version issue. Some want the NIV, NAS while others “prefer” the King James--so off to the church across town or maybe just across the street. Come as you are leave as you were with a sermonette for the christianette never growing out of the bassinette.
Permit me to clarify something. Time may come, due to doctrinal error, sin in the camp or Biblical violation, a believer must pray and seek another church of sound faith and practice. This is not the case considered here. Sadly, too many believers remain in churches that have gone into error.
Here I am referring to a faithful pastor and leadership true to God’s Word. Yet some will leave the “Old Paths” removing the Ancient Landmarks and go the way of the world.
2011 marks the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. In celebration of this historic occasion, as well as, God’s use of the King James Bible in revivals, missionary work, soul winning, and church planting worldwide, The Voice in the Wilderness is collecting thousands of signatures in stand for The King James Bible. Why sign and stand? There is a difference:
The Source – The Pure, Preserved Word of God.
The Scholarship – Godly, qualified men who believe THE BOOK.
The Scriptures – All scripture is given by inspiration—not corrupt text with errors in need of man’s critical fix!
A copy of the King James Bible Declaration can be read at The Voice in the Wilderness website located at This declaration states why God has blessed the King James Bible for these 400 years. With the proliferation of modern Bible versions, it is increasingly important for believers to understand the major differences between the King James Bible and modern versions such as the NIV, NASB, NLT, The Message, and dozens of other such versions. This is not only a King James Bible issue but it is a source issue –the authority of God’s Word. Did your Bible come from a corrupt text needing higher, critical minds to pick-and-choose “truth” from “error” compiling a text from which modern versions could be translated? The source, as clearly stated in this King James Bible Declaration, is the pure, preserved Word of God. Those brothers and sisters holding to the King James Bible are now given an opportunity to let their voice be heard in witness and support of the inspired, infallible, preserved Holy Scriptures. Would you please add your signature to The King James Bible Declaration? There is a present day attempt to crucify the Word of God between two thieves—the dollar and the scholar, by so-called higher critics insistent on printing version after version “adding to “ and “taking away” from the Bible that God Himself says is forever settled in Heaven. The Voice in the Wilderness has been given an opportunity to take pictures of two First Edition 1611 King James Bibles along with our thousands of signatures collected in support of the King James Bible Declaration. These pictures will be sent to ministries across America to simply state that here is a large number of God’s people standing on the preserved Word of God. Some of these organizations use only the King James Bible while others are on the fence facing the pressure of perilous times. Let us demonstrate there are many across this land that have not given in to the compromise of this age. Today, please obtain your copy of The King James Bible Declaration, as mentioned above, sign and mail to: The Voice in the Wilderness, PO Box 7037, Asheville, NC, 28802. Thank you for standing on The Word of God.