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As you have followed The Voice in the Wilderness over the years, you have read of the mission efforts in Venezuela. From jungle works to city churches, we have been blessed to be a small part of the great things God is doing through national pastors in Venezuela. Published here are the names and faces we are asking you to pray for and to help financially as you are able. Perhaps you, your churches, a children group, Sunday school class, or group of friends can help. The economics and politics continue to wreak havoc and destroy the country. Their money, the Bolivar, has been so devalued that the country is continuous on the verge of collapse and defaulting on their world debt. Yet, the servants of the Lord keep on keeping on winning souls and planting churches. Over several years, we have developed wonderful friendships with these pastors and their families and can testify of their dedication and fundamental stand. Periodically, we simply try to be a blessing through a financial gift to help them with personal needs and/or ministry needs. It is just a small way that we can be a part of what God is doing and hold the rope for those serving in difficult places. We ask you to consider the need, see the faces, pray, and give!

**Since first publishing this information, Pastor Elton has followed the Lord's leading and established a church in Barquisemeto, Venezuela.


             Will you be a part of what GOD IS DOING in Venezuela?


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