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The Voice in the Wildernesss

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and Contending for Fundamental Christianity

The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight. Mark 1:3

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UPDATE 1/24/21: This Lord's Day, we praise Him for continued care for Ronnie Williamson. The Doctor has issued a diagnosis of GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome). This rare disease is the result of your body's inappropriate reaction to a virus, causing your immune system to attack your nerves. Today, he has received 2 out of 5 scheduled treatments. We are thankful that he has experienced some relief from intense pain. Please continue to pray for the specifics listed below. We are so grateful for the calls, texts, messages and comments. We have shared all those names and messages with him, and it is a wonderful encouragement to know that so many are lifting his name to the Great Physician. Your continued prayers are requested in the coming days. Contact information is also below.

A Statement from The Voice in the Wilderness 1/20/21: Thank you to all those who have expressed through various means that they are praying. We wanted to give a few specifics so that you could continue to pray more effectively. Ronnie Williamson, director of The Voice in the Wilderness, is in the hospital. A rare condition, stemming from the effects of a virus, has caused his immune system to attack his nervous system. To date, this has resulted in severe weakness and lack of mobility in his extremities. At this time, we ask you to pray for: the issue to not spread further in his body, the treatments to be effective, his hospital care and team of doctors, his personal encouragement, his wife, Terry, and family as they work to monitor his care from a distance because of the "No Visitor" policy at the hospital. If you have commented or contacted us in any way regarding this prayer need, we have added your name to a posted list in our office in effort to encourage he and the family that specific people are praying. We ask that you do not attempt to call Dr. Williamson's cell phone or via messenger, but please direct any messages or calls to his son-in-law, Steve Lilly at 828-779-1958 or via messenger Steve N Rebekah Lilly. For you, our praying friends, we are extremely grateful.









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700,000 Scriptures to 

Colombia, Venezuela & the Jungle

Sophie Muller's Mission Continues

Printing for South America

2019 Re-Cap








Scriptures to South America




The newly formatted edition of

The Book of Revelation


Dr. J. Royce Thomason

Preaching at Campmeeting  

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The Life of Christ

at campmeeting

  Your Fingerprints in the Jungle! View this short report from our recent Mission to Colombia. Over 10,000 Scriptures distributed to the Indians along the river. Praise the Lord!  
 Our memories from an awesome day of missions service. So thankful that over 50 years ago Missionary Sophie Muller persevered in deciphering the native language and translating God's Word, that Jungle believers came out searching for more copies, that missionaries connected and found the copies were archived by The Voice in the Wilderness, that Bearing Precious Seed reprinted the copies, and that our church and others are willing to work and give to see that these Bibles are reintroduced into the Jungle Ministries of Colombia and Venezuela. #Godisatwork #FingerprintsintheJungle
 Watch AbiNoelle as she quotes Matthew 27 & 28.  

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Everyone likes a SMILE.

Everyone needs a SMILE.


Use this 2x2 booklet to share with those you meet day-to-day, bus riders, or door-to-door evangelism.


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